By Vapers, For Vapers

Downtown Vapes was created with one thing in mind: to provide the best vaping experience to our customers.

Based in West Palm Beach, Downtown Vapes was founded by three avid vapers who’s top priority was helping people switch from traditional cigarettes to a vaping device. We offer a range of different devices, tanks, and flavors – so whether you’re tired of traditional cigarettes or simply want to switch to a cleaner, more cost effective habit, we can help!

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality e-liquid. From in your face fruit flavors like Maui Wowi and Go Go Juice to creamy desserts such as Lt. Dan’s Icecream and Smurfberry Cupcake, we promise to offer you a flavor you love! Each of our 50+ plus e-liquids are made with the highest level of quality and consistency that you can expect from a premium e-liquid supplier (our juices have been loved since 2012!)

In addition to our passion for customer service and premium e-liquids, we offer a lounge environment fully equipped with a variety of couches, free coffee, vending machines, and tons of local art. Stop by today – we look forward to seeing you!